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From Seek (I reckon Topic Media got the idea from the AOL/Netscape vs Digg fiasco):

Get paid to write about your interests!

  • No knowledge of HTML is required.
  • You just have to be an entertaining and informative writer.
  • Work location: ANYWHERE in Australia so long as there’s an internet connection!

On Topic Media is looking for enthusiastic people to write blogs for the Orble Weblog Community (

Your blog will be fully hosted with technical, editorial, and marketing support provided. This is a great opportunity to jumpstart your writing career or just have some fun writing about whatever you find interesting.

No knowledge of HTML is required. You just have to be an entertaining and informative writer.Hours worked: 2.5 hours per week.

Work location: Anywhere with an internet connection, i.e. Australia-wide, world-wide, home, Uni., internet cafe etc.

Rate of Pay:$40 per week OR 50% of advertising revenue, whichever is greater.

We are offering one paid blogging position per week with applications processed every Tuesday.

The successful applicants will be paid $40 per week for the first 8 weeks as their new blog is establishing itself. This is an effective rate of pay of $16 per hour. After this time the writer will be paid 50% of the revenue that their blog generates.

There is no commitment to continue writing beyond the initial 8 week period.

You will be expected to spend 30 minutes every weekday writing a new post for your blog.

Applications of a high standard which are not chosen for the paid position may be offered a blog position on a 50% of revenue only basis.

For more information visit:

To see what people are already writing about visit:

You can write about the same topic as an existing blog if you wish.

To apply send your name, phone number, and email address

Also include the subject of your proposed

Blog along with two example posts of at least 300 words each. Please spend no longer than 30 minutes writing each post. We are looking for blogs on specific subjects rather than an online diary or “thought for the day” format.

I guess if you are a high school student who wants to get into journalism school, this might be a thingie for the C.V. ? Anyway, if you apply, don’t forget to mention my name – heh – and come back and tell us all about it. Or at least link to me so I can tell everyone all about it! 🙂

Sorry I’ve been a bit slack this week writing the bloggie – got the WebDirections conference plus house hunting plus lot’s of other stuff going on…

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