Job with who(m)?: Melbourne Large Online Community

I can never remember when to whack an ‘m’ on the end – I have no end of trouble with my object pronouns versus my subject pronouns. Do you? anyway who is this?:

SALES – Account Manager ONLINE MEDIA
What a great place to take your career!

The Company.
Has the definitive leader in social networking websites offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos internationally.
The web site is currently the world’s sixth most popular English-language website and the sixth most popular in any language.
It has become an increasingly influential part of contemporary popular culture, especially in English speaking countries.
The site attracts new registrations at a rate of 230,000 per day and there are over 200 million accounts (read more here if you are logged in to Seek)

The Role.
We need an Account Manager, based in Melbourne, who can establish and develop a customer base consisting both of Advertising Agencies and Direct Client relationships that seek to advertise online.

Yahoo? MSN? I thought Yahoo was here in Sydney mostly? I guess Sales are needed everywhere. On Alexa it would be MySpace, no clue on Hitwise or the others. But I don’t think Myspace has 200 million account, more like 100 million right? Asia has some sites with 200 million plus, but not in English. Yeah we know it’s not Facebook:


Founded: February 2004
Open registration policy: September 2006
Facebook Platform launched: May 2007
Page views per month: 54 billion
Active users: 43 million
Australian users: 1.4 million
Average time on site per user per day: 20 minutes
Average weekly growth since January: 3 per cent
New applications added per day: 100
Photos uploaded daily: 14 million

So silly that recruiters hide their client-companies names: they won’t tell you who the company is, in case you go to the company directly. Picture this scenario: a smart young proactive social-network savvy Gen-Y type starts to ring around the possible companies – Yahoo! MSN, MySpace. There’s more positions than candidates at the moment in our industry. So the HR department says “no it’s not us but come in anyway”. The recruitment company loses their best prospects to the opposition. See? Silly. Though I guess that’s what I would do anyway, if I was a pushy young thang.

If you know who’s job it is, please post here? You can do it anonymously *sly sneaky wink*

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  1. It’s MySpace, looks like they’ve ripped the figures straight from MySpaces’s WIKI.

    There’s a lot of reasons they often can’t reveal the employer, to protect the recruiter, but also to ensure competitors aren’t transparent on positions they’re hiring for or departments they’re building, eg. mobile, music, etc. In this case though, it’s fairly obvious so I agree it does seem a bit silly.

  2. I guess it’s not a good idea to reveal the employer’s name in the case of fishing for a replacement when the incumbent hasn’t been informed they are on the way out – it would be rather disconcerting to see my role up for grabs. And equally wierd if I applied for my own role not realising it was for my current company. Sort of a *pina colada* (song) moment.

    Pre-web 2.0, the recruiter probably quietly notified the company and then told the *prospective* that the position was filled. Now, it would be too easily discussed in communities. Uh oh. Transparency is hell. 😛

  3. A quick look at puts MySpace at #6, so I’d tend to agree with Glenn.

    Been missing your pokes – or is it my turn?

  4. Who(m). Ok *breathes in* “The rule can be stated simply: ‘Whom’ is used when it is the object of a preposition (“To Whom it may concern”) or verb (“The man whom we saw last night”) or the subject of a complementary infinitive (“The person whom we took to be your father”). ‘Who’ is used on all other occasions.”

    So i think it’s Who. I really think about these things far too much.

    Back to point: my position on the industry the job is for, rather than a blanket rule. In this case: show us they moneyyy.

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