1. Hi Laurel,

    You’re right, the visa situation makes it really easy for Australians to work in the US right now. I also tend to think Australia produces really great software talent.

    Thanks for highlighting the job. If you have any other ideas about how we can reach Australian software engineers, let us know.

  2. Adam, I’ll make a deal with you.

    Throw some bucks in BarCampSydney3 – http://www.barcampsydney.org/ – and I’ll Facebook and Twitter and whatever out to the BarCampers the job. I’ve only got about 700 followers on Twitter and under 400 on Facebook but they are ALL social network ppl. As you would know, companies can’t advertise on Barcamp itself (luckily I think it’s Microsoft that’s sponsoring some of it) but there’s no reason we can’t pass it out to the Barcampers in another way. The developers/engineers organising it are struggling a little with covering all costs and putting in personal dosh themselves.

    The dude to talk to is ajay.ranipeta (at) gmail.com – quite a clever clogs engineer himself.

    But get your skates on, Barcamp is THIS weekend. 😛

    *disclaimer: I have nothing to do with BarCamp. I’m disorganised at even unOrganising. But I like attending. 🙂

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