The US Logo: smells like Google “don’t be evil” to me.

ok no clue if this job is up for grabs or not, saw it in AdNews:

Bailey departs Virgin Mobile

SYDNEY: Virgin Mobile marketing director Sue Bailey is leaving the company to move to the US.

Bailey, who has been with Virgin since 2003, will finish in Australia on 14 December to take up a role with Virgin Mobile USA.

Virgin Mobile has released a statement describing Bailey as “a lynch pin in Virgin Mobile’s success”.

“With a team of around 40, her role has covered everything from brand and marketing strategy, communications, design of customer acquisition and retention campaigns, product development, pricing and handset sourcing as well as supply chain responsibilities,” the statement said.

“Sue will be very missed by her team and everyone at Virgin Mobile.”

Virgin Mobile will be recruiting externally to replace Bailey.

An announcement on her replacement is expected in the near future.

Story by: John Davidson

– 17 October 2007

Tip to Virgin Mobile: Get someone who understands Creative Commons on Flickr and also totally is up to speed with Mobile Social Networks. Whats the name of their cellphone social network again – Lounge?

Australian Virgin Mobile logo

Are you with us or what? Not if you nick our content and lock us into walled gardens, we’re not. Hey, I wonder if that is why she’s going to the States? o.O