Job: TreeHugger Looking for Webmaster/Software Engineer

Coolest job ad evah? It’s in New York – Aussies, remember we have a special Australian-only Green Card (E-3) status with the US. w00t! Hat tip: Grant Young, DigitalEskimo

TreeHugger Looking for Webmaster/Software Engineer

by Team Treehugger, Worldwide on 05.10.07


Here is a great opportunity to combine your career goals with your life values and join a great team. TreeHugger, the leading website dedicated to helping individuals lead a sustainable life, is looking for a full time Webmaster/Software Engineer.

We are looking for that rare individual who can work with customize pre-packaged applications as well as develop custom programs. You are self managed, very organized, and detail oriented. You take pride in both external and internal customer satisfaction and take time to understand the business needs of the company and continuously suggest and implement the required improvements.

TreeHugger is a virtual organization, so you need to be comfortable working from your home office. You have solid written communications skills and are comfortable using online audio/video/file collaboration tools. Location is not important but you will be expected to work a normal business day east coast time.


We use Movable Type, phpads/openads, MySql, Sitemeter, Google Analytics
A solid administrator level knowledge of the LAMP Architecture
Comfortable using Linux commands and developing shell scripts
Skilled manipulating graphics and Flash
Detailed knowledge of all components/aspects of the WWW such as, browser idiosyncrasies, creating client side Javascript, CSS, server configuration, log file analysis
Access to Windows PC (XP or higher) and high speed internet a must

If you are interested in combining your technical skills with your passion for the environment please contact ken @ treehugger . com

Of course our servers don’t look like the pics above — you also need a sense of humor to work with us.

Some background:

TreeHugger By The Numbers:

  • 8 staffers, 35+ writers
  • 10+ countries covering the latest in green
  • 25 posts per day
  • 12,000+ posts (articles) across 8 key categories
  • 45,000+ reader comments
  • 30,000 total newsletter subscribers
  • 31,000+ rss feed subscribers
  • 3,800,000 pageviews (April 07)
  • 1,400,000+ unique visitors (April 07)
  • #32 technorati rank (out of 75,000,000+ blogs)

There’d be worse companies/organisations to work for, no? 😛

BTW I’m on my way to the airport – presenting at Adelaide CommunIT on Monday – me ‘n my ol’ mate Senator Helen Coonan. heh. And no, don’t bother coming around to turn over my house. I’m taking the only thing of value (the laptop) with me. I’ll try and blog again early next week. Happy travels on the ‘net, my darlings.

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