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  2. I’m curious as to why this job listing would have “Understanding of responsive web design” as a required skill. Thoughts?

    1. This is just a guess, but where it says “Experience with content management” would give you a hint. I’d say knowing the basics like how images stack etc…

      1. Nick, I reckon that is a fair guess. If it is correct then arguably it should be “Knows what responsive web design is” 🙂

        1. Isn’t that the same thing? Also do you think anybody actually cares? I would say “Understanding of responsive web design” if I advertised a job the required that skill.

          1. Who cares? Probably nobody. It stuck out to me.

            What I was trying to get across in my last post is if your guess is correct then it a very limited understanding of responsive web design.

  3. The reason that marketing is so important to businesses is that it is how you get customers.

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