Job: Social Media Researcher, Sydney

temporary job available for a social media researcher in Paddington Sydney – preferably public relations understanding

This is an exclusive. i.e. I have no idea how to post this to a job search engine so it’s going up here. social media researcher

A company I work with (PR, Communications) is looking for a social media researcher to work with them for a month or so. You have to be pretty fluent in social media – how to work with the blogosphere, how communities work, how to identify keywords and influencers and sentiment and stuff.

The job is in Paddington, though they might be flexible about where the work is done. Dunno, haven’t asked. Caveat: You’ll be working with me a bit. Which may or may not make you run screaming for the hills.

If you think you could sit still for a month, scurrying around the ‘net documenting what you find, reporting back in a reasonably articulate fashion and updating a database or spreadsheet, please send me an email? laurel at – I need an email address and probably more than 140 characters .

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  1. If I weren’t working full-time on another continent, I’d be all over this. :> But I think I need some more training. How do I find out more about “keywords and influencers and sentiment and stuff”?

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