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Pricejamieson (more jobs)

GBP 27,000 – GBP 27,000


Central London and West End

England, United Kingdom


Job Specification

Our client is an exciting leader in their field who is looking to hire an Online Communities Editor.
Your aim will be to consistently develop their interactive online community through timely content and good editing.
The role will involve commissioning, writing, editing and uploading content for the site and e-newsletters following the editorial plan.
The role would suit a results orientated web professional who has strong experience in online marketing strategies with a good understanding of how to use the internet and how to engage users, alongside experience of community sites and social networking.

Cool recruitment site. Chinwag. Anyone worked out how to get a .RSS out of I think I read it somewhere but it’s not obvious on the site… *lazy*. I like Chinwags tagging thingie, plus I’m not sick of Web 2.0 beta yet. Theirs is funny. One problem – that salary is typical media salary. If it registers under IT and technology instead of media, you can double/triple the salary. Odd no? Media salaries are teh suxx0r.