Anyone got a couple of hours to spare? It’s for a good cause – I do some work with NAPCAN from time to time

As discussed I am looking for someone who can configure a D-Link DFL-210 Firewall and a Bridged DSL2+ modem, either a Netcomm NB5 or a D-Link DSL-502T, whichever works best with the 210. The firewall setup will need to include a DMZ for our intranet server and also VPN tunnels for our remote offices and mobile staff.

The DFL-210 is a commercial grade device and has a complex operating system, familiarity with basic DSL modems with port forwarding is not enough to deal with this unit or I could do it myself! A very good working knowledge of TCP/IP and Firewalls would be of great assistance. However someone who does have a good general networking knowledge and the time to commit could probably work it out and learn a lot in the process.

If any of your readers are interested in taking on this challenge I would love to hear from them!

Eric is really busy so he hasn’t been able to sit down and figure it out. And you know how men are about reading manuals! (*end politically incorrect joking*). Please contact Eric (at) if you have the time and inclination. Thanks! šŸ™‚