me! oh me! pick meeee!

Journalism cadetship (one-year contract)
ninemsn is one of the most successful and forward-thinking online media businesses in Australia. Formed in 1997, ninemsn is a 50:50 joint venture between the Microsoft Corporation and media company Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL).
This is an excellent opportunity to develop and grow your career with one of Australia’s most innovative news and current affairs brands. You will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the evolution and development of ninemsn’s news and current affairs strategy.
  • Minimum of a Diploma in Journalism
  • Minimum of six months’ experience in a media organisation (work experience undertaken during University is also applicable)
  • Digicam shooting and editing skills/experience required
  • Some online publishing experience preferred.
  • Skills/competencies
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to liaise with a variety of people in different situations and environments
  • Excellent organisational skills, with the ability to manage conflicting deadlines and priorities
  • A passion for online media and emerging methods of consumer engagement online, e.g. blogging, user-generated content
  • A strong interest in, and appreciation of, issues that divide public opinion
  • A proactive approach to helping differentiate ninemsn’s content offering.
  • Please submit a resume and a current sample of your work (written sample or sample of digicam footage) which demonstrates your creative flair and suitability for the position on offer, to

    yesssss! pick meeee! nah not really. I’ve got a shiny Citizen Journalism badge. The pay sucks tho. Still, who amongst the blogging world doesn’t think “scratch me and you’ll find an adventurous, articulate, witty, debonair, wordsmithy journalist”? Sorta like TheSpinStartsHere without the m-f words. Or with, depending on your own potty mouth.

    Speaking of TheSpinStartsHere – A strong interest in, and appreciation of, issues that divide public opinion – I wrote in the Australian Financial Review 18 months ago that traditional media needed to get with the Talkback Radio concept… excite and engage. Your online community members come back 9 x more often if you challenge ’em and stay 5x as long. Don’t be scared of a little argybargy.

    What’s ninemsn like to work for? I’ve heard many times that Yahoo! has a great corporate culture. How about this PBL/Microsoft venture? Anyone care to give the goss? Would this be a dream job or a nightmare?