I wish SilkCharm would go out and get a job and support me. I feel like her real life avatar some days – you have no idea how much it costs to clothe and feed that little bundle of pixels. Heh. :

Web Content manager & social researcher (MyCyberTwin)

I am looking for someone talented and articulate to be a content writer, part of our web social psychology research team, and work alongside the female CEO as a PA for part of the time.
  • Do you love to write, to read, and to think?
  • Are you fascinated by the human mind?
  • Our company is a leader in social networking and virtual world technologies.
  • We create virtual personalities – online software clones of real humans. We also analyse content in social networks.
  • We have a successful consumer site, and also create technology for global partners in the space.
  • We are looking for a fiercely effective communicator to shape the future with us
  • Most of your day will be spend writing, creating ‘personalities,’ and studying patterns of human behavior online.
  • You will also need to do a small level of PA work for the CEO, and a bit of admin.
To be considered, you will need:
  • a university education, preferably with majors in Psychology, and/or English/communication
  • to have deep understanding of the human psyche
  • to have excellent creative writing skills,
  • to be familiar with online social networks like MySpace, and instant messaging
  • be driven and enthusiastic about how the internet is shaping the future.
  • bascially, you will need an innate love of psychology, and language.
We like people who enjoy leaping into the unknown, and who have a desire to create impact.
Self-motivation and ambition are good.
We like solid competence, and a sharp eye for detail. We are efficient, and prefer it if you are too. You may need to work both independently, and as part of a team.
Package is competitive. We are based in French’s Forest for a few months, but our new headquarters will be North Sydney side.
Please email
Liesl Capper
CEO MyCyberTwin.com

Filed under journalism/writers – here’s the (probably unworkable) link at seek.com.au. They look like nice people don’t they? Dr John Zakos and Liesl Capper, I mean. I wrote about mycybertwin before, if you are interested.

Vashti said that Mobile Monday last night had some talk about gravatars (globally recognised avatars) for mobile phones. Coming to a tiny screen near you! 🙂