Ooh. Getting serious – from JobScore:

About this Job

As Twitter’s first product manager focused on revenue generation, you will play a defining role in the formulation of Twitter’s business. Your job will be to lead the definition and execution of the products and features that will lead to monetization of the Twitter platform.


  • Define products and feature sets of commercial-oriented Twitter applications
  • Manage the prioritization and development of new products and features
  • Work closely with engineering to develop product functionality
  • Work closely with customer support to solve issues and maximize user satisfaction
  • Do customer research to inform product decisions
  • Create detailed cost and revenue models
  • Define product positioning and marketing plans
  • Analyze and report product success

I recommend you go through the 22 or so monetization models

…I have presented on here before:

… adapt ’em for Twitter. Then sell it into them. 🙂
Otherwise I’m on the next plane to San Fran, and think how much you’d miss me here. Heh.