1. Its not uncommon for companies to offer “millions and millions” even when they don’t know how to monetize it.

    With a product manager, Twitter can actually show income and growth and get more.

    I’m voting on pixel products for revenue. I would pay for Christmas Crackers – tweet someone a cracker and 50/50 who wins some crappy tweet thing 😛

  2. love the monetizing social networks diagram.

    Sounds like a super job, challenging yet fun.

  3. I’m voting on some sort of commercial platform for internal corporate Tweets. It will be spookily similar to the normal version of Twitter, expect it will have a new name, and it will cost money. I can’t imagine them instering ads into it, if they do, people will slowly start to leave. Facebook have gotten away with it, but they have a critical mass of a wide cross section of the public, Twitter is just an instant messaging service for social media geeks.

    So are you going to apply for the job Laurel?

  4. Nah, they’ll find someone in the States. Lots of Americans dont realise that Australians have a special easy-to-get Greencard called a E-3. So our applications for jobs go in the bin. Or ‘trash’ if you are in the US. 😉

    Why? you wanna get rid of me? *pouts* I’d take a job in Asia though… *thinks about it* I had a lot of fun working in Jakarta and Singapore and China and stuff… Heh.

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