Job: Melbourne Rebubble Dev – rubyonrails etc

Free Online Community

With RedBubble you can:

* Display your creative work and raise your profile
* Connect with a vibrant community of creative people
* Turn your designs into physical products (like framed prints)
* Offer your creative work for sale in a hassle-free way

Another job I can’t link to because it’s Seek.com.au. From Ambit recruitment.

Senior Web Application Developer

Technology + Creativity = RedBubble

RedBubble is an Australian internet company shaking up the creative sector. As the online destination for creative people, RedBubble brings together a community, marketplace and print-on-demand service to help people unleash their creativity.

This is not your average startup – Well funded and with great credentials, the RedBubble team and its investors know how to make it happen online.

After an impressive Australian launch last month, we’ve got big plans for the future: new products, continued membership growth, and rapid expansion overseas.

To support this, we’re expanding our talented technology team. You’ll be working in a friendly and entrepreneurial environment to build a world-class web application using the development framework and language Ruby on Rails and MySql

Role Perspective

As a senior member of the development team you will be involved in the design and development of significant components of our backend systems including development of a fully automated fulfilment system, payment and finance systems, incorporate music based products, develop major community functionality and plan for expansion into the US and UK markets.

Application Development 60%

Technical Product Design / Modeling / Application Architecture 20%

Testing and Code Review etc 20%

Specific Responsibilities

Responsible for large parts the software produced by RedBubble (With a backend / server side focus)

Data modelling and design.

Responsible for technical design, testing and verification of redbubble code.

Involved in strategic software decisions.

Assisting in the development of coding and development standards

Coding LOTS of the application.

Experience Required

  • Experience with a largish, preferably consumer facing web application / site. (eg. Online banking, shopping, cars, realestate, insurance, auction etc)
  • Experience with .Net OR Java OR Perl OR Python OR Ruby on Rails
  • Experience in an OO Software development environment.
  • Essential – have a passion to learn Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience with moderate to large relational databases
  • Experience designing software and database models before building
  • Experience with HTML, Java Script and CSS is a nice to have.

Personal Attributes

  • Flexible and consultative attitude, good people skills, good expectation setting etc.
  • Ingenuity, finding simple and elegant solutions to complex problems.
  • Passion.
  • Strong design skills
  • Push back when need to on technology design when the business design is pushing them into hard places.
  • Deliver when they say they will. They are proud of what they build
  • Tool Set

Current Development Tools

  • Subversion for source control
  • JIRA for issue / task management
  • Rails framework based unit tests across the whole application, as well as pretty standard UAT style testing from the business.
  • OS X development environment, sophisticated test platform (identical to production in every way)
  • Capistrano (Ruby Tool) based one command deployment for production, staging and developer systems, rollbacks etc all in place.

An attractive Salary is offered to attract the best talent in the industry. To apply for this fantastic opportunity please submit your Resume below by hitting the apply button and including a short covering letter addressing how you meet the points under “Experience Required”. For further information, contact David Brown on 03 8080 7206.

Reference number: ITT/VIC/66565/BRO/BRO

So I went to look at Redbubble “This is not your average startup – Well funded and with great credentials, the RedBubble team and its investors know how to make it happen online.” As soon as I got there I got sidetracked – they are using silk icons from Birmingham based Mark James.

I’m such a flibbertigibbet. Back to the Redbubble.


What’s all this RedBubble about, then?

RedBubble is a community of people who love creativity and self-expression. We’re an online agora where creative people can share their creativity with others, find amazing work to buy via our on-demand publishing system and get to know other creative people.

What can you do at RedBubble?

Meet other creatives

Hankering to meet other creative people? RedBubble is teeming with vibrant and creative people – seek out your favourite new artists, comment on their work or read their thoughts (yes, it’s possible to read thoughts at RedBubble!). Find out more here.

Express yourself: share your work, share your thoughts

Come on over, we’ve got a cosy spot made up just for you. With your own MyBubble area you have a customizable spot on the web – perfect for sharing your work, your thoughts and doing what you do best: express yourself.

Buy and sell yourself some happy

As an on-demand publisher, RedBubble is the perfect place to sell your creative pieces. No waiting for stock runs, no sitting on top of inventory – we handle the production for you. Looking for an amazing creative piece to call your own? RedBubble provides a great online gallery to locate that perfect piece direct from the artist, while enjoying secure ordering from an established online publisher.

How you can get involved at RedBubble?

It’s as simple as signing up! Register as a member and dive into the community.

Membership is free and it’s easy: head on over to the signup page and tell us a bit about yourself so we can set up your free account. We’ll send you a confirmation email once you’ve signed up.

If you still have questions, we’ve got the answers. Email us for help.

So they are setting up a social network that allows creators to monetise quality user generated content? Or at least that’s what I’m thinking (Sunday morning, no coffee, sun outside). It looks kinda Ning-y but doesn’t yet have the buzzy feel of DeviART
The about page tells you that RedBubble is brought to you by: Anneli Knight, Bridget a’Beckett, Grant Bissett, Justin French, Kath Cashion, Mark Mansour, Paul Vansella, Peter Styles, Martin Hosking, Tom Walsh, Xavier Russo and James Pierce.

Laurel Papworth

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