1. Umm, it’s easy to put a PDF into a blog.

    You upload it to Scribd and it gives you the code to embed it in your post.

    1. EXACTLY! Why should I do it? Why don’t companies put PDFs up on Scribd then send the link for me to embed? And their logos on Flickr and their videos on YouTube – so much easier for bloggers than us having to do it for them…. Social Media Press Release FTW! 😛
      Interesting discussion on Twitter yesterday about it….

      1. Because then you lose control of the content on your site.

        They can pull that link at anytime. If it’s in your hands, you control it.

        I am forever finding myself “archiving” external content so I can do what I please with it and so I have the “evidence” when that content later disappears.

        1. Sure, if it’s important. But – especially when I’m blogging from my iPhone – it’s a nightmare. For companies in general, if they put the document on Scribd, they can track how many times it’s been viewed, embedded, downloaded. I’ve had one document viewed 8,000 times. Yay! But a pdf needs to be opened (on a smartphone not always easy), then uploaded to a sharing site… I guess I’m saying that as a blogger, I may choose to archive other people’s content myself, but as a person trying to get the word out, I’d be distributing on many channels yet PDFs would be low on the list…

        1. This blog is social media 🙂
          And my post was more for people wanting to distribute content e.g. jobs to be filled to their audience, not individuals swimming against the tide 😛

  2. Hey L
    Is there a way of using Scribd to “gate keep” the doc?

    What I mean is I want an email address from viewer before I’ll let you download my lovely PDF so I can track & respond.


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