'Antarctica #31' by Jason Kimberley

Naked Yak have been travelling the world looking for you. Scary huh? šŸ˜›

Who Are We Looking For?
Many people can write in a conversational style, but few can engage people effectively across different media. Fewer can combine that skill with the ability to be a good listener, and to reflect collective opinions rather than simply their own. And fewer still can also engage individuals directly and more personally.
We are looking for someone who can do all of the above; someone who will represent the collective voice within Naked, and especially that of all the members in Australia; who will encourage others, particularly down under, to participate in open messaging and/or in Naked; who will spark members to share the service and participate in its development.

Who is Naked?
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Must be prepared to wear the office uniform. I think they would be a cool company to work for. Details here. Jobs in Australia and overseas.

(Picture from book by Aussie Jason Kimberley – Antarctica – taken from brilliant social network (Melbourne) called RedBubble)