Job: G’day Google – IT staff shortage in Australia

I don’t know why, but I find this a tad embarassing. Are we really that low on IT staff in The Land DownUnder? Shouldn’t we be doing something about it? Having babies maybe? And I thought that Google only liked to employ people from Stanford. Sydney Uni is good but it ain’t Ivy League, is it?

G’day, California

When I mention I’m an engineer in our Sydney office, I’m often greeted with looks of surprise: it seems many people aren’t aware of our Australian presence. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we are inviting engineers from Silicon Valley (or anywhere in California) to the Googleplex in Mountain View next Tuesday, 8 May for G’day Google: an evening (6-9 pm) open house event showcasing Google Australia.

G’day Google will feature:

There will be several Australian Google engineers there (including me!) to chat with you California sorts about life as a Google engineer down under.

Working in the Sydney office is lots of fun and incredibly challenging. My desk looks over Darling Harbour, so it can sometimes be difficult to spend all day looking at a monitor.

If you happen to be one of the 100,000 Australian expats who lives in California, it’s not too late to sign up for G’day Google! Weā€™ll have photos and reports from the event on the Google Australia blog next week.

Fark, I hope they aren’t just giving them Fosters. So, like, we need more Americans here, don’t we? šŸ˜› God Bless their little cotton socks. Hey, if Google flies a whole bunch of ’em in, shall we *tribe up* and greet ’em at the airport? Waving placards with flowers in our hair and giving the peace sign? Wearing Google t-shirts with cool logos and witty sayings on them? Those who are lucky enough to have some, could wear their Google underpants on the outside of their jeans. We could jump around screaming WE LOVE YOU GOOGLE!!! We all gotta do our bit for our industry. And none of that OVER PAID, OVER SEXED and OVER HERE nonsense either, okidoki?

Or is there something we could do online at that time (6-9pm tomorrow their time)? I’ m not sure what – hit the blogs with a massive G’DAY back to Google? Take fotos of ourselves mooning them, trousers down to ankles, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and upload them at the same time with the flickr tag “GdayGoogle07”. Do the same on Telstra BigPond’s Sydney Harbour Bridge in Second Life? C’mon guys, let’s get motivated! heh. Cuddle a Google employee today! You might want to cuddle your own employees/colleagues too, in case they disappear into a Googleplex never to be heard of again… *twilight zone music* .. enough silliness, back to work with me.

Oh, and we’d have even more groovers at WebJam and WebDirections. Cool.

Laurel Papworth

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