Steven Noble sent me a very nice email about a Digital Evangelist job over at Hill and Knowlton, PR and Marketing company.

You’ve been blogging for years, were a MySpace original, guest star in your friends’ podcasts, read everything via RSS feeds, and only Digg articles that really grab you by the ctrl key. Yes, you were born with a microchip in your mouth, and now it’s a part of everything you think, say or do.

The digital team within Hill & Knowlton — one of the world’s leading PR and marketing agencies — is looking for a smart, self-driven consultant with one to three years of experience in PR, marketing communication and/or social media.

The successful candidate will have outstanding communication skills, a strong service ethic and the ability to thrive in a team environment.

A history of embracing new media including blogs, discussion groups, social networks and virtual worlds will be very highly regarded. The successful candidate will know how to work with these media in a way that is ethical, imaginative and extremely effective.

Due to the digital team’s rapid rate of growth, the new role will be incredibly diverse. It will involve finding, presenting and debating ideas and strategies every day. It will also involve executing programs and administrative duties.

As the digital team is part of one of the world’s most diverse and respected PR agencies, this role will span every area from consumer and enterprise marketing to public affairs to crisis and issues management. We have an amazing portfolio of clients. If you’re ready for this challenge, give me a call.

That’s one of more interesting job descriptions I’ve read lately. Beats anything up on the standard job classified sites. They have and linkedin tags and everything!

I like the way it’s advertised – word of mouth – so those of you out there with webby 2.0 blogs, pass the word on.