1. This is mixed news. On the one hand, PR companies kind of get it.
    On the other, they are going to use social media for their nefarious ends. And developing in-house capacity means freelancers are out of the looop. Boo hoo!

  2. That’s a crap job anyway. It’s basically an entry level producer’s role but these guys are wanting to pay a clerk’s salary.

    Anyway, are you interested in this?

  3. @anonymous nah a producer has to have project management and budget skills. I think this really is a digital assistant role.

    @simon the trouble with being nefarious these days, is that it’s too easy to get caught and named/shamed on a blog. *looks at her blog* Heh. They have to behave … or else!

  4. @laurel true nefarious gets outted quickly in this transparent world. And as the description says “ethical involvement”: no blackhatting or disguising who we are for us.

    … and if that wasn’t enough there’s also your evil chuckle over our shoulder *grins*

    @simon We’ll even hire ex-journos! *waves*

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