Job?: Chief Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0 (Australia)

Is your company planning for the next generation? Fair Trade bananas only please. (video GoodbyeToTheNormals)

We don’t see a lot of Chief Social Responsibility Officer jobs (at the C-Level executive) in Australia, but that is about to change. (here’s one in Japan) Wanna see what the job description would look like?

Chief Social Responsibility Officer (NOT A REAL JOB AD – YET)
The world’s largest Global Media Technology and CoOperative company is looking for a chief social responsibility officer (CSRO) or chief communicator. Reporting directly to the online community and shareholders, it is the highest-ranking corporate officer, administrator, corporate administrator, executive, or executive officer in charge of management within the corporation, including Audit, Safety, Sustainability and Communication.
The position:
We need someone who can communicate and liaise with a frankly antagonistic and viral anti marketing consumer base of 100 million members. Unfortunately both staff and consumers have created Facebook groups and YouTube channels growing at around 200,000 members a day to highlight our shortcomings in our day to day and strategic management of the company specifically relating to (but not limited): internal recycling and resource management, environment protection, ethical public affairs, compliance, social contribution and others.

The prospective candidate will be C-level calibre with experience in enabling change in corporate cultures by communicating, identifying and responding to the internal staff networks, and working with the customer communities to empower change in not only brand perception but actual practices in this global company. A thorough understanding of current environmental sustainable index behaviours is mandatory. All the resources of this $50 billion market cap company will be at your disposal

Lip Service No More. Or am I dreaming?

This years conferences have all been about Enterprise 2.0. Turn around and you’d fall over one. Next year it will be Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0. Guaranteed. Oh ok, maybe the year after. 🙂

Remember when computer terminals were first introduced? There was no Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer, just a few people looking after a mainframe. Then we got PCs and some “techie” guys formed an IT division, usually under Finance (CFO) or, god forbid, under HR. Then everything got to be about ISO standards mostly for quality management. Careers rose and fell on getting those standards implemented. We haven’t quite got to a “ISO” for Social Responsibility, but we will. Environmental Sustainability Index maybe? Will that be our next ISO? Just try and name a big company that doesn’t have a CIO or CTO setting strategy these days!

But why Corporate Social Responsibility I hear you ask? Because the mob wants to know if they are Fair Trade bananas. No we didn’t ask if they were Organic bananas. We want Fair Trade. And we won’t accept lip service… we will anti-advertise to millions of other consumers (c2c) until we get the bananas we want. (did you watch the video?)

What else would a Chief Social Responsibility Officer look after? Something more positive please.

Edit: Catalyst just came on ABC about carbon footprint and shared responsibility. So is that Chief Shared Responsibility Officer? Oh yeah check out Triple Bottom Line (I’ve written on it before)

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