It’s in New York. If you are Australian, there is a special visa called the E-3 that is only for Australians to work in the US of A.

Job Description

Job Title:
Community Moderator –
Job ID:

The Community Manager is part of a team that is responsible for building community, maintaining community standards and ensuring that user contributions to the site are in keeping with the site’s standards.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Build forum communities:
  • Develop and implement consistent community policies
  • Work with Guides to identify forum moderators to assist them
  • Work with Guides to structure forums around topics that will appeal to users
  • Target specific forums that have high growth potential, and work with Guides and volunteer moderators to build community
  • Maintain community standards
  • Work with Guides and Moderators on an as-needed basis to manage forum disruptions and deal with disruptive members
  • Ensure quality contributions
  • Screen user-contributed content for violations of site standards


  • Proven success building online engagement and community
  • Must be well-versed in current trends and concepts relating to online communities
  • Strong online communication skills via email, forums and other methods
  • 3-5 years experience working with online community required

If you get the job, lemme know? I need somewhere to stay in NY. heh.