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The gang at MBC are awesome – this just might be the Online Community manager job of the year – please post this job and link to them? MBC are a Middle Eastern TV and Media company – I think they have 150 million viewers, with a music channel and some others, – and a…

The gang at MBC are awesome – this just might be the Online Community manager job of the year – please post this job and link to them?

MBC are a Middle Eastern TV and Media company – I think they have 150 million viewers, with a music channel and some others, – and a focus on ‘New Arab’ Women. This is really important project, in my eyes – the opportunity to mix social media with social good. My understanding is that iMatter is a project to work with Arab women in a blogging, wiki, forum environment. Social Media giving everyone a voice:

imatter is an online community attached to MBC4. It provides information about MBC4 programs, but its main purpose is to provide a safe platform for Arab women to communicate about issues that are important to them, and to express their views freely.

The imatter Community Developer will work within the New Media department of the MBC Group, but will have a soft reporting line to the MBC4 channel marketing manager.

The purpose of the role is to provide support to develop the imatter online platform into the Arab world’s most popular online female community, to develop alternative revenue streams and to enhance the perception of MBC Group as the Arab world’s leading broadcaster and entertainment pioneer.

 Establish purpose and functionality of site from design through to community guidelines
 Expand the user base from 17, 000 users to 500, 000
 Define roles for community members
 Identify and nurture community leaders and brand ambassadors
 Write and manage code of conduct / guidelines / rules
 Represent imatter online
 Represent imatter at public functions
 Monitor and develop the website, including overseeing / project manage technical developments and PoC projects
 Strengthen and enhance the brand image of imatter and MBC4 as being the leading entertainment networks for Arab women
 Identify, nurture and secure alternative revenue streams through advertising and sponsorship
 Solicit, monitor and present findings from consumer feedback

* this is a new role so MBC to provide Mentor support: (international role – we have candidates)


 An avid user of online social networking sites
 confident in enabling initiators of user-generated content*
 Content creative,
 Will have project management experience (managing large multi-facted projects) – not necessarily an IT person.
 Needs basic understanding and experience of Web 2.0 platforms

 Very outgoing, media savvy and outstanding communicator / public speaker
 Idealistic, passionate
 Fluent in Arabic and English (spoken and written)
 Project and or management experience
 Minimum 5 years work experience
 University Graduate (liberal arts)

Company Profile

We See Hope Everywhere

To more than 150 million people around the world, we are the leading media group; the prime source of Entertainment, Arabic News and Business information; and last but not least the foremost guiding light for Arab Radio stations in the region.

The goal of the MBC Group is to entertain, enrich and educate our audience’s lives with programmes that guarantee our strong leadership as the organisation of pure creativity and honest coverage that caters to every audience segment.

To continue this success story in the media we need to have a world class team. We want individuals that are proud to be a part of an organisation that defies creativity and innovation boundaries. The individual that excels in working alone; that enjoys being part of a family that thrives to be global winner, and as a rule is consistent in performing above the norm!

Additional Information

Start Date: 2007-07-01
Industry: Arts/Entertainment/and Media; Business Support; Consulting Services; Information Technology; Journalism; Marketing
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Career Level: Mid Career (Over 2 years experience)
Employment Status: Full time
Gender: Female

Based in Dubai but working across the middle east? And yes, I know it says Gender: Female, which you can’t do in Australia, but it would simply not be possible for men to work with a female project in some of these countries.

Any of the girls from ALIF still reading this blog? (We all studied Fuh’sa (MSA or Modern Standard Arabic) together at the Arabic Language School in Fes).

Applications on the website, m’dears. Let me know how you get on. Or else. 😛

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  1. Sounds very interesting. Maybe I could offer to interview just for the trip to Dubai.

    Maybe they’ll even stop by my new jobs portal ( and promote.

    Which of course, would lead to a trip to Dubai. I’m not sure how… still working on that.


  2. Interest – I know why this is, I think H2O are getting just about all social media expert in Middle East to joining them – they have people lined up outside the freaking office man, just to get in there! ha ha ha – and they dont even pay everyone much. I think they think its google or something like this.


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