1. Laurel,

    Your synopsis seems pretty spot on (but heh I’m guessing 2).
    From a technology perspective a new CTO would evaluate (at least I would) the current state of technology and decided whats “worth” focusing on and what 2 chuck out 🙂

    Most marketing/PR spiel (“best job EVER” etc..) is just that – words and is in the one of the beholder; so most of the headline u can take with a pince of salt.
    Also I’m sure the 350K is a ‘package’ and again would require some understanding of how that is made up b4 u could say “Wow- thats a great salary”


  2. Heh Lal, with a sack of salt more like it. Heh.

    Actually what intrigued me about the salary was the fact that this is a local technical role, not a VP or Director one, and Australian not global. So someone like a senior strategist would comfortably make this sort of money but usually they are at the board level. Or else a Technical Officer role that is global. But there’s nothing here like “servicing the Asia Pacific region” or “must like travel”.

    For a country such as Australia (with low online community population compared to 2ch in Japan that has 2.7 million posts per day) to pay this for a CTO that is not a global role and not a board role, is interesting.Or am I behind the times with salaries/packages in OZ? Even the biggest online community in Australia which has 7.3 million visitors per month only has a tiny portion of them stay for more than 10 minutes per month. Thats pretty poor advertising-revenue generating eyeballs.

    Have we found out who it is yet? Still saying NewsCorp tho Channel 10 is my second choice. Cept they aren’t global. 😛

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