Know of anyone? CareerOne has this job from GemTeq

TRULY ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY for a Chief Technology Officer to take the reigns of this Giant global media organisation.

As the on-line CTO you will be responsible for Multi-Channel Delivery of this Newly created business unit. You will acquire the elements in the market place and be required to build a team and it’s operational IT. You will manage creative technology staff to build high-end Web-based solutions – enabling breakthrough Web 2.0 style and communities driven functionality in a largely under-served and undifferentiated on-line market segment.You will manage multiple development functions, Drive onLine sales and manage online WebsitesThis role will encompass Process redesign, business re-alignment, acquisition planning, technology strategy development and People / team management.

“largely underserved and undifferentiated on-line market segment”. Methinks that somone reckons that the Australian Big Media 4 (PBL, NewsCorp, Fairfax and the other one- ah yeah, APN), are clueless in the Web2.0 revolution. Methinks that they may be right. But one wonders if anyone has pointed out our sucky broadband infrastructure here? Or the challenge of an isolated and distributed nation? And little things like the religious fervour in blocking access to APIs instead of welcoming and implementing them?

Acquisition planning? Wow – I should send out a request for everyone in Webby 2.0 world to nominate small but sexy australian companies ripe for acquisition. But I’m not sure they need aquisition – a little startup money would be nice- and some of those media giants don’t play nicely in small sandpits. I could tell a few tales outta school…

The environment is a little confusing at first; just focus on the fact that the 10 year-old infrastructure technologies listed are followed by a general “major technology re-design”

Environment includes: Java, Apache-Tomcat, Vignette CMS, Redhat, Squid (Open Source Proxy), Hostworks Accipiter, Akami (Caching). Major technology re-design is underway which will employ open systems architecture utilizing the latest user generated content/ blogging systems, content management (including video and mobile), advertisement ad-serving, advanced search technologies (Endeca) and redundant systems replication.

My two cents worth: I suggest that you sit down, do a schema of how you see a perfect community management system that will scale-up and niche-down then work out which of their legacy systems you can live with. But remember you are only as good as your last job/project – and if this is an incumbent traditional media company, the wheels may well turn sooo slowly that your peers will out-pace you. Yes yes, I know we are all hungry to change the world, but seriously, fragmented global media giants are a pain in the patootie.



If you have the above skills APPLY NOW to
Once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY
You will know the online space inside-out

Presumably the SUCESSFUL candidate won’t have to spell successful successfully. 😛 (oopsie: glass houses and stones)
Oh and if this is a purely US company, I would make sure you can live with implementing global (read: American) initiatives into local theatres (read: AsiaPac Australia), rather than directing strategy yourself. BTW, the money is pretty average in the US particularly the Valley ( I lived there for like, 3 months, so I get to call it that!), so don’t let that throw you. Any other comments? Anyone with any more info, please comment here. No one that reads this blog will ever ever tell on you, I promise! And good luck! Tell ’em I sent you… 😛

Someone sent me a link for presumably the same job but from a different recruitment company. Can they send it again? I lost the details, and it would be cool to find out how Gemteq manages the recruitment process versus their competitor. Thanks luvvies! (Incidentally I bet ONE beer that this is a NewsCorp job – anyone else got a guess?)

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