Jaxtr me from Facebook

you guys have seen this on the right hand side of my blog, right? It’s been there for months.

Well now it’s available in Facebook- MyPhone.

What is MyPhone?

With MyPhone, Facebook friends can call your phone or leave you a voice message from their phone while you keep your phone number private.

Is it free?

Yes! It is totally free to add MyPhone to your profile.

Can I screen/block unwanted calls?

Yes! MyPhone keeps your real phone number private and allows you to control who can call your phone from Facebook.

Does it work with my mobile phone?

Yes! It works with any phone you already use. No need to download anything to your mobile or computer or buy any special hardware either

Watch these statistics change over time. Rapidly. Hmmm. Are the telco’s scared yet?

About this Application

1,338 daily active users
2% of total, 3 friends
Messaging, Mobile
This application was not developed by Facebook.

About jaxtr, Inc.

MyPhone is developed by jaxtr, a company whose mission is to bring voice to social networks and blogs. With this free application, users can hear from their online friends even when they are not online. Works with any landline or mobile phone in 220 countries. No headset or download are required. Phone numbers are kept private.

Click-to-call is so cooooool when it’s consumer to consumer, not consumer to sales hotline. 😛

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