If someone puts up a video on the social network YouTube saying that God is Good and teaching Japan not to be heathens by sending them an earthquake for Lent do you think:

  1. oh that’s so right!
  2. wot a nutjob!
  3. a fake – like LonelyGirl or some other prank. Attention seeking viral campaign thingie.

UPDATE: Videos have been removed which is why they currently do not display.

is TamTamPamela a fraud (an agency cavorting and having fun with YouTubers)? Or real? You choose.

tip: Half a million online community views in a day is more of an agency play. But.  She’s been on YouTube for a year or two and an early video was about The Vatican shouldn’t donate to Haiti because they’ve been punished by God. I say #2. but CrowdPranking is on the rise. Put your grown up thinking cap on, I reckon.

Hat Tip: Lance Walker on Facebook

UPDATE 1: Just gone up in last 24 minutes

Real or not? Comments are saying she is “scared for her life”. I guess we’ll never know.

Hat Tip: 30DollarDate

UPDATE 2: The Richard Dawkins Tribe get caught up in it. Hat Tip  @paul_fisher

UPDATE 3: her videos are gone and a copyright claim by @LaughAloneTV is in place.

UPDATE 4: “We do not have any affiliation with TAMTAMPAMELA her video was claimed by mistake and when we tried to fix she had already closed her acc.” @laughalonetv

While it’s fun blogging over the hour or so the “News breaks”, I just wanna get to the last page already. Prank or not? TV show or not?