I admit it. I’ve got a hankering. For a “I’ve got a sex drive” lanyard. You have to use a saucy fotos passkey to get into the USB drive. Of course.
Or maybe my lust is for a new TV. Wow, a ‘would you like fries with that TV’ TV!

Frites. Papas. Fritas. Or good, old French Fries. Wherever in the world you travel, fries are everyone’s favorite. Polyurethane fries cap off this friendly design with a screen framed in bright yellow. The remote is shaped like a packet of ketchup. Squeeze it and enjoy.

Wow, choices, choices. And Yes! Of course any girlfriend would LOVE one of these as a present. No! Absolutely she wouldn’t prefer expensive perfume or jewelry or a trip to Paris. Yes! Of course you can trust me… :p