I’ve updated my Blogroll. Psst! It’s the thingie on the right hand side, LINKS.

David Havyatt, as executive blogger supremo gets added. He not only blogs on his own blog, but adds comments and feedback on others. Such an important part of blogging donchathink? Only greedy people write on their own blogs, ignoring comments in the feedback, and not visiting others blogs.

Jeff Jarvis Buzzmachine has been added. Another quid pro quo link, to be honest. He picked up my bloglet on the user-gen Nike ad. Plus he’s funny. Look at this under Rules of Engagement:

Any email sent to me can be quoted on the blog.
No personal attacks, hate speech, bigotry, or seven dirty words in the comments or comments will be killed along with commenters.

From Jeff’s bio I see he is a former TV critic for TV Guide, created Entertainment Weekly, worked for Sunday, NY Daily news, San Fran Examiner and so on. The one that interests me is his work with About.Com for the New York Times Company. About.com was THE resource – until Wiki came along.

Renai LeMay from ZDNet’s FullDuplex gets added for writing a nice review of this ‘ere blog in Two more great Aussie telecomms blogs. The other blog was David Havyatt’s. Actually the bloglet is called David Havyatt: AAPT exec, blogger but we won’t mention that. Heh.

Hmm who else did I add? J.LeRoy, Platial … that’s all for now, I think.