I keep being sent newsletters (paper) about changing my life. My brain. My habits. How to become a Gentle Warrior (whatever that might be). If I can dress up as Athena, I might give it a go.

And I get emails about changing my thoughts, through positive thinking and the power of commitment and focus. *is distracted by the nice pictures* I wonder what would happen if I sit here and visualise a chocolate bar?

So I’ve decided. YES!! It’s time to change my life. But what to do? Move house (rent went up by $50 bucks a week! I really should buy…)? Get a real job (this is a definite maybe. I might get weekends free then!), move to Melbourne? Overseas? Buy a horsie? Oh ok, not the last one, they don’t survive well in Potts Point.

So, over to you, dear sweet social network. If you can be bothered, what should Laurel do to change her life?

*note: I don’t have a bad life, but it needs a shake up.
** I reserve the right to wuss out of any suggestion, at any time. Get over it. πŸ˜›

EDIT: @bronwen on Twitter sent the video

2 votes for me to move to Melbourne, one suggestion I move to the Middle East and @TrevorCook saying I should go to more conferences *laughs* To the ppl saying “make lists” – makes me UN happy. I like Enjoy.More.Chocolate from @davidsinger.

And now @mspecht has hijacked – err contributed – to the conversation by running a poll on whether I should move to Melbourne or stay in Sydney – Melbourne is streets ahead. So to speak. *rolls eyes* Maybe perth is a better idea? πŸ˜›