1. Get a haircut! Seriously 🙂 I find they always make me feel new and invigorated.

    Oh, and move to Melbourne. I would if I could!

  2. Laurel, You certainly have been busy posting this afternoon. I don’t think it’s all about you. Some people feel that way when they perceive themselves to be ‘left out” or ‘not on the right field’. Whatever. Change a small habit, go out and take photographs of dumb stuff around the block. with a toy camera. They’re cheap and you get nasty results. But some people think this is a postmodern art stuff. I wouldn’t advise getting the horse, they can be detrimental to the health of the planet, and you know what “they” are saying about climate change. Who would like to move to Melbourne when you can burn up the hard earned sheckels in Sydney quicker? Take up a social drug. That might help. It’d be cheaper than moving house. Talk to your parents about superannuation. that will drive you to drugs or melbourne pretty quickly, which might be cheaper.
    Anyway, I’m still impressed with your stuff.
    lachlanskiosakafund, pty ltd

  3. Get a job you bum :p

    But seriously, since you are definitely maybe getting a job, do that and move to the suburbs for a while. Buy a house. Pay a mortgage. Live the life of a common Sydney person and move away from the “typical” Potts Point chicka (tho’ i have to say, you are not that typical ;P).

    Whatever you do, stay in Sydney, don’t move away from it. ;). Maybe try moving to inner west.. like Newtown, I think you like Newtown.

    Try out the suburban life. Get a car, go for drives when you feel like it. Check out the local pub, and have house parties. Have a BBQ in the backyard.

    There is so much to do ;p.


  4. @kate – great suggestion. I need a haircut anyway. I always feel pretty afterwards. Especially if I have highlights done too 🙂

    Cait suggested buying a chocolate shop in Melbourne – seriously considering it.

    @anonymous I couldn’t post before – 2 day conference – and I am a bit of a burst and then quiet girl. I’m tired (no sleep last night, worrying about fitting stuff in), so yes, that can affect anyone’s sanity. Mine is threatened more than others. I have a deep and abiding hatred of anything drug-like, but I take your meaning – any reasonable and legal addiction is more expensive in Sydney. Well the margaritas definitely are. The pony would be better than a car – which I have to get sooner or later. Car not pony. I’m glad you are still impressed, but you’ve now added another thing for me to worry about. 😛

  5. @ajay and I should get cats? Lots of cats? and take up knitting? Would you like a new jumper for Christmas dear?

    I did suburbia for a few years in England. I think you can as part of a couple but as Gal-About-Town, is it really me?

    *Disclaimer: if I can find a house on the beach with waves etc, an hour out of Sydney, I will even take on the cats *sneezes* and knitting.

    and WOW! enormous response (9 or so on Twitter?) to my moving to Melbourne. Open arms from Melbournites, a kick in the beeeehind from Sydneyites. I feel loved. and bruised.

  6. Notice what you do like and want more of in your life and work out how to have more of that and less of the stuff you don’t want. Simple, maybe not easy, but simple.

  7. Hi my pixie girl. Find some people that when you’re around them you feel peaceful and can just sit in silence not saying a word to each other all day yet feel perfectly at ease. Then move hell and hi water to put yourself near them as much as possible. I think it’s got nothing much to do with where you are or what you do but who you’re around. We are human beings not human doings.

  8. Thanks for the link to that video. It explains a lot and has changed the way I see things. I really enjoyed it.

    As for change – when I need my life shaken up, I got out and meet new people outside of my comfort zone. Not sure if that will help you but it always changes things for me.

  9. Hi Laurel, wow you have had some good comments so far, I particularly like Dave’s and Mana’s.

    I reckon, start with getting a Car – that will get you out and about and if you want a job it will get you more job opportunities, but probably having a car will necessitate moving, so that will start that happening…

    I’ve set myself a goal to be in Melb by April 2009 which is my 10 year anniversary of being in Sydney – I think 10 years in a place I hate is long enough – so my vote is for Melb definitely – but you probably won’t need a car if you move to Melb…

    But all those are big things, and it may be best with starting with something small – like the haircut – why not go brunette????

  10. @jodiem BRUNETTE??? I might go Red – or even hot pink – but dahling, I’m a Designer Blonde right down to my peroxided DNA. Ok I’ll lay off the Zsa Zsa for a while..

    I’ve had cars before – all convertibles – they usually end up a bit ding-ed. Perhaps I could borrow yours for a while? Just to see if my driving has improved? *giggles*

    @Mana thanks for an intelligent response *frowns at Jodie and the others* the video IS awesome isn’t it? Now everyone has given me too many choices *laughs* and the video was clear that can’t always help. 😛
    I can’t step outside my comfort zone – in fact, I want to get back in it. Like a baby back into a womb But sometimes the only way to do that, is to shake things up more. From Chaos comes Greatness. Or in my case, more Chaos.

    @DNWallace yeah hon, it’s who you are with that matters, not what you have. Do we have to be physically with them or can it be where our consciousness lives? maybe avatars dancin’ to bad ’80’s pop? 🙂 You are one of the I like to be around.

  11. Haven’t you heard, Perth is the new Social Network and startup hub! I am sure the Silicon Beach House would welcome you with open arms 🙂

  12. I’ll go anywhere I get cuddles and chocolate. Just think of me as a gambolling puppy wanting to snuffle everyone with a wet nose. Do you think Perth would survive a Laurel invasion?

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