1. In a perfect world you would hope that people will listen to their peers, and act on the information. Alas a great deal of the Facebook crowd (as demonstrated by the recent Facebook login debacle on RWW) are not smart, nor are listening, nor read comments of others. It’s those people that these scams will always catch out.

    1. completely concur. You can tell people that it’s too good to be true yet they will still believe it. And when it’s not they will be mad at you for pointing it out, not mad because it was a scam. Nothing you can do about those people.
      disclaimer: I nearly joined the Fanpage (I want an iPad baaaad) but read the comments first….

  2. I’ve had something similar to this pop up in my suggestions box in facebook. A free iPad for 45 year old males. What a coincidence.? There’s an article about it on technologizer.com. All the stuff they want you to buy into would cost you more than the price of an iPad.

  3. I was referred to it by a friend – clicked on the 1st step to see what would happen (knowing it couldn’t suck the money out of my account with that click) and saw the details, checked out the linked site and admired the gall of the people who prey on the stupid and naive.

    Then I unfanned and reported it.

    My friend took a closer look and unfanned it as well.

    It is a clever scam as it is structured to be believable and preys on an emotional desire. It may not even be technically illegal in Australia as apparently they tell you it will cost you money.



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