Insider Trading, meet Outsider Traders, #SocialMedia style #Tesla

Example of crowdsourced market intel driving stock prices outside of insider trading but much more devastating. Tesla, Twitter, Toyota… doesn’t matter, they all have share prices impacted by #socialmedia

Wall Street should be monitoring social media. So should companies around the world. Why? Cos we are just too smart as a crowd. The example below is from Tesla community but I betcha we could crowdsource Outsider Trading information on any product or brand or company… (Note: Australian Companies MUST report social media discussions that impact stock)


When Ev founder of Twitter tweeted about walking down a street in Seattle on a sunny day, the crowd jumped (correctly) to the conclusion that Twitter had received a bunch of venture capital funding. Why? Because some people knew that a VC company was on that street, and other’s figured out Twitter was looking for funding and 2 +2 = 4. or in this case, millions of people plus millions of people = a bloody good guess.

All hail the almighty Twollar.

Today, there is a thread going beserk on the Tesla forums: Tracking Highest VINs.

This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Actually I found a VIN 9903 at TeslaMotorClub.
When do we see the 10.000?

Tesla car owners are collaborating on VIN numbers. How exciting. Ok not really. But it gets better. VIN Numbers track number of cars made.

Stay with me here…

International Business Times said:

A contributor to the Tesla’s Forum page identified as Craig Froehle updated his Model S VIN data. As of Thursday the data suggest there are at least 25,822 Model S VINs, excluding European identification numbers assigned to cars being produced in Telsa’s Holland factory. Tesla has said it has sold 12,550 Model S sedans between June 2012, when the car debuted, to June of this year. This leaves 13,272 units that, according to this customer-provided data, have been assigned VINs. Tesla will annouce its third quarter sales figures in the first week of November.—–

But there is news out there that suggests at the very least that the company will amply exceed the 5,150 vehicles it delivered in the second quarter and shatter the goal of selling more than 20,000 units this year.

That number could be closer to 40,000 by the end of the year if VIN information trickling out from the Teslot community is accurate.


As of Tuesday, the VIN sequence tracked with the help of Tesla customers has reached 25730, meaning 25,730 units since Tesla began production. If you subtract the 12,550 units delivered since the end of the second quarter, the remaining number is 13,180.

Of course, these numbers include cars currently being produced for delivery in the coming months as well as some e-roller scooters which are also included, including back stock to reduce delivery time and showroom display models. But even if only half of these cars were actually sold in the third quarter, it would still be a significant 27 percent increase from the sales in the second quarter, more than enough to satisfy the expectations by analysts and to cause the Teslots to swoon.

But Tesla doesn’t announce it’s quarterly earnings until November 4th. But the market/socialmedia/people have already decided. You bought more shares yet?

Any investment in stock takes time and research and an ability to tap into trends and discussions. This is social media. And as we enter the final days of capitalism (or the cowboy capitalism of the last few decades) this sort of crowdsourced market intel is going to be tricky to manage by stock exchanges. People to talk to people. Insider, Outsider, Crowds.


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  1. Brilliant! This kind of collaboration is becoming more and more important and YES, not only corporations should be watching, but Governments too…

  2. That “twollar” term really made me giggle. Twitter is already in a
    career-high this year. It is one of the few websites who made it to the stock
    market. This is a huge leap for the social marketing industry especially to
    those who were here right from the beginning. Jobs are becoming more stable
    because of all these developments from social networking sites.

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