Ingame advertising platform

Demonware announces targeted ingame advertising solutions:

The Dynamic Network Advertising (DNA) platform has been created to satisfy growing industry demands for precise, individually tailored advertising solutions, targeting a specific audience through the analysis of multiplayer gaming habits, player profiles and associated data

About time! It actually annoys me to see *fake* billboards in City of Heroes and Why advertise some non-existent restaurant or shopping mall when it would be kinda cool to see a Nike ad? Well, one that was context sensitive and didn’t disrupt the immersive world experience. Like the World of Warcraft ads in China I guess. I really trooly like them.

Ya know, the advertising agencies really missed the boat after TV. They simply never got to grips with our entertainment choices – videos, dvds, cds, console games, PC games, its a wonder there is an advertising industry left. What? you don’t like the idea of product placement in MMORPGs? Post here and tell me why – and it had better be a good reason!

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