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In the Chair is music education software that lets you practice by performing with professional musicians, bands and renowned orchestras. Be part of the band – hear the other musicians as you watch the video from your chosen spot – and perfect the piece with the feedback you receive as you play. With In the Chair you practice with real musicians, playing real music (not Midi) using your own instrument!

Lots of widgets and Web 2.0 thingies to play with. Collaboration in the ultimate collaborative sector (making music). Very sweeeeet.

A world first, In the Chair allows you to practice with professional bands and orchestras. It puts your inside the band, enabling you to hear the other musicians as you watch the video and play from your spot in the band. This creates the ideal learning environment.

Use your own Instrument
In the Chair is the only music practice software that does not require MIDI equipment and provides immediate feedback. It allows your students to use their own instrument to practice with professional musicians.

Real Music from Professional Musicians
In the Chair’s music is recorded by professional musicians. In the Chair sets a higher standard, challenging your students to reach their full potential. Practicing with professionals is well-known to facilitate faster progress.

Immediate Feedback
In the Chair allows you to hear and see immediate feedback on your performance. The system recognizes

  • Timing
  • Loudness
  • Tone
  • Pitch

It provides immediate feedback on whether your student has played the note correctly and encourages them to correct any mistakes.

Teacher: “I am in dire need of practice incentives for middle and high school students. I have tried practice cards, announced playing tests, etc… but I just can’t get my students motivated.”
In the Chair makes practice fun

Teacher: “In my experience, kids like to beat the machine… get the notes right, play the scale much faster, beat the computer.”
In the Chair is like a game

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