1. with all those Howard Reingold’s your blog may post higher than his in google.

    will you read his book now?

    well done on all the trad media stuff !

  2. @cat nah, more likely I’ll get Google banz0red for spamming the searchbot. And thanks 🙂

    @mike r2 r2 r2. oh wait. I mean… am not. am not. am not.

  3. I read the first paragraph of your post three times and I’m still not sure what you’re saying.

  4. ok ok, let me explain more clearly. hmmm. I’m going to Melbourne to see Howard Rheingold and you aren’t. nyehnyeh nyeh nyeh. oh and I have an apple iPod iTouch and you don’t NYEH NYEH NYEH NYEH.

  5. @Colin: Get thee to Amazon and buy Virtual Communities. ok? Wikipedia probably has him down as a South American Terrorist or a cartoon character. 😛

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