Illuvium and the Metaverse #Australia

How Illuvium founders (Australia) made $120 million in virtual real estate plus Battle Pets!

Kieran Warwick and brothers create Illiuvium with Illuvials battle pets, Illuvitars avatars and virtual worlds in the Metaverse.

Transcript of Lecture on Illuvium and the Metaverse – Australian Case Study in Web3

Hello, my name is Laurel Papworth and I want to talk to you about Illuvium. There’s a virtual world, a virtual game and kind of battle pet area called Illuvium where you have to collect Illuvials, which are bought off the back of Blockchain NFTs. And anybody who knows me, especially if you know me in World of Warcraft, knows I love battle pets. In fact, I think I’m in the top ten for my server. So. Yay. I win. But basically you collect a little pet and somebody else has a little pet and then they fight it out and you win things. I like it, it’s fun. To me I’m interested in this because a) it’s Australian and b), it has the traversable part of the metaverse that I’m looking for.

Metaverse worlds or services that are not traversable, then it’s not really the metaverse. Metaverse means moving between worlds. It’s just a virtual world or just a virtual game or just an AR if it doesn’t have the traversable part. So part one is SimCity style game. Part two is collecting Illuvials the NFTs and all the stuff you have to do there and then part three is the pet battling. So from SimCity, which is resource focused, to collecting collectibles in the gamification under collectibles, and then to the actual activity, which is the pet battling. So they’re the three things.

Illuvium was created by Kieran Warwick and his brothers. I think he has three brothers. One is a game developer, one is in CGI and the other one investment VC. Not sure. I’ll put it up on the screen if I find out, if I don’t, I won’t. So very quickly, Kieran Warwick invested in cryptocurrency. Didn’t go so well for him, so he said, no, I’m not doing that anymore. He belonged to a burger rating app a burger rating group with 200,000 members rating burgers. So he decided to create an app. Then his brother asked him to relook at something else and then he did something else and then they came up with Illuvials because of the brothers that had CGI and gaming and different things in their background.

So interesting that a group of boys, a group of brothers like this would come together and work on a project that’s very Web3 very much of their generation, I guess, leading the way anyway for their generation. So Kieran Warwick says that they have 1.8 million registered people and around 30,000 have been allowed into private beta. So I’m assuming it’s not quite there yet.

That’s not bad. Australian company, young Australian guys putting stuff together. I know there’s a temptation, more than a temptation. This is actually happening to say, if it’s a game, then it’s not the metaverse. I disagree. I think if it’s not a game, it’s not engaging, it’s not entertaining and it doesn’t have any “abide-ability”, it doesn’t have any stickability and EVERYTHING is a game. So education and getting points and getting badges and getting awards is a game. The stock market is a game. Collecting fridge magnets is a game. Everything is a game. Hi mom, hope you enjoy the fridge magnets. I would say if it doesn’t have the features of a game, then what is there for people to connect to and to stick to? And yes, some of it might be education and yes, some of it might be storytime or storylines. Collecting battlepets is definitely part of parcel of who Laurel is. So I just have nothing but admiration for the Warwick brothers and I hope that the Illuvium does really well. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you join me for some more.

I’m going to keep covering the Metaverse and Australia and global news and try and bring you the more interesting bits and pieces that I find. You can send me press releases and more information on my socials and I will see you in the next video. Thank you.

Resources for Illuvium Lecture

Synthetix https://synthetix.io/

Illuvium https://www.illuvium.io/

$120 million of virtual real estate (Australian) https://www.smh.com.au/business/entrepreneurship/how-young-rich-lister-kieran-warwick-sold-120-million-of-virtual-property-20221020-p5brb4.html

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