I was just going through some links in preparation for a course I’m teaching today and I can’t quite remember if I’ve directed you to this site before. But it doesn’t matter because they’ve done a revamp:

The largest online community of IKEA customers and fans provides what IKEA itself cannot — personalized service

Montross, VA (PRWeb) February 21, 2007 — IKEAFANS.com (www.IKEAFANS.com) is proud to launch a series of site improvements, including blogs, photo galleries and an article database. The site started as a hobby in March 2005 and has turned into the world’s leading resource for IKEA help… [Read More]

When I saw IKEApedia I giggled. What on earth has wiki started? *laughs* Anywaaaaay, what fansites have customers started up about your products? How do you maximise the positives and manage the negatives? Lemme know of any experiences you’ve had with consumer communities – as a consumer or as a company.