…or faking it in real life. from the Huffington Post:

Will Marry for Cash

A little over a year ago, shortly after I moved to New York and was half-heartedly looking for a job, I got an email from my friend Ben asking, “Want to pretend to be engaged?” along with an link to a Craigslist ad offering $400 for “recently married or engaged couples” to participate in a focus group about relationships. Not only was I hard up for cash, but I also knew that this was my only chance to be in a relationship with Ben unless he someday decides to run for office and needs a beard.


As we had our hair and makeup done, we quietly speculated as to whether or not the other couples were faking it. Our guts told us that we were the only lying sleaze balls involved in the project.

*laughs* this has nothing whatsoever to do with social networks and user generated content and stuff. But it’s funny. Marketers say they can’t trust online communities as focus groups (w00t!) but they can’t really trust offline ones either. Nothing happens on the ‘net that doesn’t happen in real life. You just become more aware of it.

Sorry I strayed from my topic, I was looking for Drupal sites, and didn’t realise The Huff was one…