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Not Good Enough - Australia's Customer Complaints Website
I was poking around, looking for an Australian competitor site to PissedConsumer.com and getsatisfaction.com. Came up with Not Good Enough (both .com.au and .org) – 54,000 members and started in 2002. I love finding these little powerful communities that don’t make it on superficial Top 100 lists.

Who wants to sue NGE


MCI Technologies
MCI TEchnologies – aka Tomato Technologies threated NGE with legal action when they claimed that we had published gripes about their Star Trader software without giving them the right of reply. NGE maintains that it’s not our fault if companies cannot manage their email efficiently. The outcome of all this brouhaha was that MCI found the lost email and replied on the site. To date, NGE has not heard any more from their lawyers, McCullough Robertson in Brisbane.

Russell Hobbs / Salton
Russell Hobbs Australia whose parent company is Salton threatened NGE with legal action in June 2003. All over advice that was given by Salton to a customer in Australia about her Russell Hobbs toaster. The advice concerned recommending that she use a wooden or plastic knife to extract the toast. The advice was in an email. Fair comment prevailed. No legal action followed.

National Building Solutions
National Building Solutions threatened NGE with legal action on February 26 2003. Not a good look. NGE stands by its member and wishes Cleo69 the best of luck when they take their complaint to NSW Fair Trading. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Carpet Court Diamond Valley
Carpet Court Diamond Valley threatened to sue NGE by yelling down the phone in a rather offensive manner. Not a good look is putting it too nicely for this company.

Funny how we think we can threaten individuals through email or letter and have it remain private. I simply must add to the bottom of my emails the note: please do not email me if you don’t want the contents to end up on my blog. I get tired of those ‘we’re emailing you but we own the IP of what we are sending you, unsolicited and unwanted, through the public email system‘. Sheesh.

Anyway, if you want someone else to gather the data on your brand, collect the critiques, know more about your product and services, your company and your industry than you do, these kind of communities will fill a hole that you leave by not providing a customer service community of your own.

NGE Staff have their finger on the pulse of Consumer Issues in Australia.

As such we are available to speak at corporate and community functions, big and small. We have many a tale to tell about the hottest and latest customer issues across more than 101 different industry areas.

Oh, and of course we have advice to offer and serious business intelligence to share – depending on your audience.

For further details contact us via the Contact Us option. (Speakers Bureau)

Regulatory Affairs are no longer required. Naming and Shaming online is the order of the day.

Hat tip: @artywah and @steven_noble when I couldn’t remember the name for the Australian equivalent of pissedconsumer and getsatisfaction.com

Laurel Papworth

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4 thoughts on “Australia; Not Good Enough

  1. But why is it you’re willing to overlook the site’s insistence that you sign up (and no gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail addresses allowed) and divulge a big whack of personal info before you can even view any content on the site? Isn’t this usually the sort of thing that makes you write FAIL in large capital letters with multiple exclamation marks?

  2. The site has plenty of “FAILs” – not least the fact it is very old fashioned, looks like spam site full of ads. But I don’t write in depth critiques on my blog. They can pay for that. 🙂

    It fulfilled the criteria for what i was looking for – a community complaining about brands, not a solitary unread blogger whinging about poor service. It also delivered the concept of Citizen Regulatory Affairs as opposed to sanctioned government supported ones.

    Why don’t YOU write a critique? I’ll link to it. 🙂

  3. It still does a good job despite having to sign-up but I gave up using it years ago because of that. there are still too many of these old-fashioned sites and they need to move forward with the times. It’s not good enough…

  4. thanks for heads up on this one, I had seen Getsatisfaction but didnt know this one exsisted! 😉

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