1. But why is it you’re willing to overlook the site’s insistence that you sign up (and no gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail addresses allowed) and divulge a big whack of personal info before you can even view any content on the site? Isn’t this usually the sort of thing that makes you write FAIL in large capital letters with multiple exclamation marks?

  2. The site has plenty of “FAILs” – not least the fact it is very old fashioned, looks like spam site full of ads. But I don’t write in depth critiques on my blog. They can pay for that. 🙂

    It fulfilled the criteria for what i was looking for – a community complaining about brands, not a solitary unread blogger whinging about poor service. It also delivered the concept of Citizen Regulatory Affairs as opposed to sanctioned government supported ones.

    Why don’t YOU write a critique? I’ll link to it. 🙂

  3. It still does a good job despite having to sign-up but I gave up using it years ago because of that. there are still too many of these old-fashioned sites and they need to move forward with the times. It’s not good enough…

  4. thanks for heads up on this one, I had seen Getsatisfaction but didnt know this one exsisted! 😉

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