I still love you Stratics even though I’m no longer wielding the banz0r stick, doing news reporting or appeasing devs. Stratics is The Massively Multiplayer Network site that hosts Ultima Online, EverQuest etc gaming portals.

By providing a mature and friendly atmosphere within which both game Players and designers may freely interact in a positive social environment, Stratics serves as a powerful conduit for the collective voice of today’s online gamer. This realization of communal activity and individual contribution on such a massive scale serves to create the unification of information and interaction that is Stratics: a unique blend of Community, Strategy, Statistics and News aimed towards all people interested in massively multiplayer games and persistent world environments.

To people who pooh-pooh RP gaming communities – they figured out how to do user-developed content long before you even heard of the phrase “user based content development”. So there! Oh and there’s an interesting read on Wikipedia.