I know I know, I haven’t abandoned you, dear reader. Have a squiz at this and tell me what you think:

4INFO Mobile Search Blog: 4INFO Mission Movers = Community-based SMS

4INFO announced today a partnership with Mission Movers Group, a marketing innovation firm, to provide The Rainier Chamber with the first community controlled text messaging system.
This innovative use of an RSS feed and keyword control over SMS will allow community organizations, businesses, and service providers to distribute their content, programs, and promotions to residents within the community via mobile devices.
This community network allows the members of the Rainier Valley to access valuable information that is constantly updated by members of the community itself, such as tutoring services, sports scores, coupons, merchant discounts, and more.
To view information for Rainier Valley, users simply text “rvp” and a query, such as “rvp tutor” or “rvp meeting” to 4INFO (44636) on a cell phone. Results are sent back immediately and free of charge.

I LURVE integration of offline activities with online communities. And I promise to get back to you soon with lots of yummy stuff. Promise!

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