I am sooooo there!

Oh God, can I pay them to let me join? Are there any cute priests? What broadband connection does the Church have? Is God on the other end of it? Would a habit suit me? What colour is it?
So many questions, where do I sign?

Reality TV never got more meaningful.

The Abbey
Imagine a world offering peace and tranquillity, and you’re there to contemplate the deeper side of life….no blaring phones, no family dramas, no frustrating work… just you and your desire to discover life’s meaning.
Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to The Abbey.

ABC TV is looking for five women for a new 3 part series. Take up the challenge to live the life of a contemplative nun for 33 days and nights – one day for every year of Christ’s life.

You will leave behind the hurly-burly of modern life to embark upon a search for meaning, spirituality and self behind the walls of an enclosed order.

Immerse yourself in the world of The Abbey and live by The Rule of Silence and Obedience. Take a leap of faith and discover things about yourself and life that you never knew. Learn what the spirit of community living is all about as you share the nuns daily routine of prayer, farm work, craft and domestic tasks. Throughout the challenge of living in this other world, you will have a Sister-mentor to listen, support and guide you.

Will this life hold any relevance to you as a contemporary Australian woman? Will spiritual contemplation and prayer have the power to transform your life or will you find it too hard a cross to bear?
Interested? Find out how to apply

Brought to you by the Catholic Church in conjunction with the ABC TV? Vote a nun off today!

What on earth is Auntie up to? You, gentle reader, know my opinion of reality TV shows. I mean, I like totally get them, but they still leave me unmoved. I never found the cringe factor particularly entertaining. But just how much fun will it be to watch someone meditating? How interesting are the dynamics when they undertake a vow of silence? Won’t the Diary Room (a la Big Brother) be a little.. well… quiet? Still, better than shenanigans in the jacuzzi… I guess.

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One thought on “I am sooooo there!

  1. This stuff was emailed to me so I can’t name and shame them.

    To the person who so rudely said “You! In a nunnery! Without your ‘net connection! hah!” I blow raspberries in yr general direction. As if they would expect a woman to go without her blog for 33 days. That would be inhumane. I mean, it’s not like I’m a blog-addict or anything. I went a whole weekend once, lying on a beach drinking cocktails, dreaming up what I was going to write about when I got back home… Yep i can do without a man (easypeasy), I can do without my mum (no, not really, but I’d be brave), but… but… no ‘net? o.O

    To the sweet person who said she wanted to go on it: why ask me? :p … go ahead! Don’t let my terror of being humiliated in front of a few million of my closest friends (well, potential blog readers :p) stop you. I will say one thing tho. Any reality tv show named The Abbey that had me in it, would be divine. /bad jokes. In the Aussie spirit of making an ass of yrself – ‘ave-a-go!

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