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  1. This stuff was emailed to me so I can’t name and shame them.

    To the person who so rudely said “You! In a nunnery! Without your ‘net connection! hah!” I blow raspberries in yr general direction. As if they would expect a woman to go without her blog for 33 days. That would be inhumane. I mean, it’s not like I’m a blog-addict or anything. I went a whole weekend once, lying on a beach drinking cocktails, dreaming up what I was going to write about when I got back home… Yep i can do without a man (easypeasy), I can do without my mum (no, not really, but I’d be brave), but… but… no ‘net? o.O

    To the sweet person who said she wanted to go on it: why ask me? :p … go ahead! Don’t let my terror of being humiliated in front of a few million of my closest friends (well, potential blog readers :p) stop you. I will say one thing tho. Any reality tv show named The Abbey that had me in it, would be divine. /bad jokes. In the Aussie spirit of making an ass of yrself – ‘ave-a-go!

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