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Students in my class laugh at me when I go on and on and on about IKEA. I guess I tried to pick a company that everyone knew but didn’t get too excited about, that had online fans. I mean, of course there are Harley Davison sites and Ducati sites and band and sports sites by fans. But IKEA? Rather than Google IKEA, let’s wiki search it… WikiPedia search: a new improved version over Google search (28 million pages about IKEA).

IKEA is a privately-held, international, low-cost home products retailer that sells modern, utilitarian design furniture, much of which is assembled by the consumer. IKEA was founded in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad and it is owned by a Dutch-registered foundation controlled by the Kamprad family. IKEA is an acronym comprising the initials of the founder’s name, Ingvar Kamprad, and home village, Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd. The owner/franchiser of the IKEA trademark and the IKEA Concept is Inter IKEA Systems B.V. It has corporate offices in the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. The IKEA brand is owned by another company with complex ownership via several companies and foundations in several countries. Stores pay a 3% royalty on all products sold to the brand owners.

So far so good. But the encyclopedia goes on to outline all the good and the bad about IKEA – issues with store openings, and positive feedback from their charity work. And then the official sites are listed:

Official Sites


Hey cool, social knowledge is giving me on one page what Google Search can’t give on about 28,000,000 search listings. But lets see further down on Wikipedia:

Fan Sites

And the list goes on – for example, I could edit Wiki and add Google Earth maps of IKEA stores. And here’s a review of IKEAFANS – so consumers talking about other consumers’ content. Word of Mouth gone mad? I haven’t even added in the Flickr and YouTube stuff yet. And one last image – from IKEAHACKS – a site where you take various IKEA products and hack them together into something else. Very very user generated content:

I wonder if IKEA knows that this is all going on? And what is being created around YOUR product hmmm?
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