Huge list: You know you are addicted to Twitter if

Given the current State of the Twitosphere (down, and out, under maintenance – check here for StatusOpens in a new tab.) I thought a You know you are addicted to Twitter if post was in order. Perused and collated from around the web:

You went to a Tweet Up but had nothing to say to the people you met. And then immediately tweeted them about it.
You miss ‘Fail Whale’ days.
In an emergency, you tweet to @911.
‘Hash Browns’ is your favourite new in joke.
You were served court papers on Twitter because you no longer user Face Book.
You are jealous of anyone who has more followers than you.
You tweet your partner to turn out the light. When you’re both in bed.
Your mother gets a Twitter account just so she can ask if you’re coming home for Christmas.
You keep tweeting to your favourite celebrity in the forlorn hope they reply.
You get upset if no one selects you for #followfriday. So tweet yourself from another account. (TwitipOpens in a new tab.)

If you sign your credit card receipts or checks w/ your Twitter name…
“You can’t resist checking your iPhone for updates, each time you hear a bird… ”
When you tweet about the break up before you phone your best friend.
…when you add (TW) before words. (twords, twilarious)
When you dream about twitter… having images of tweetdeck flashing before you.
including @ and RT s in sending email messages
You know you’re addicted to twitter when you’re sitting on your terrace on a sunny day, hear birds chirping in the nearby trees, and think “Gee how many tweeps all around me…”
When you get a window decal with your twitter handle for your new car….
You no longer leave blog comments longer than 140 characters!
i reach to the point that i create a account for my wife, hoping that she tweet me frequenly.
You think in 140 character increments…
I knew I was addicted the first time I was put into #TTO (Twitter Time Out) for exceeding my 100 updates in an hour
You find yourself thinking in 140 characters or less, even at dinner when you’re listening how to shorten down someones sentences that may be funny to others
Your spouse has pamphlets circling around on how to handle a “Twittervention”
You are a walking thesaurus of Twitter acronyms – HT’s, RT’s, WTF’,s FTW!
You have RSS feeds set up keeping you plugged in to @garyvee, @scobelizer & @techcrunch’s real time tweets so you don’t miss a “sniffy sniff, a “WHO are YOU?” or a Crunchie update
Your spouse sends you DM’s on what to bring home for dinner – email just isn’t fast enough anymore
You insist all business meetings are now called “Tweetups”
Fail Whales require therapy and hives break out at the thought of not being connected to your followers
Your Rolodex now has handwritten Twitter usernames on peoples business cards
Referring to people in public as “@ their name” slips out regularly and goes uncorrected
You have designated times when twittering is ok with your spouse
You find yourself pitching Twitter any chance you get, to friends, family and…anyone that will listen
In the middle of a heated debate you’ve actually wondered if you can Unfollow & Block the person standing in front of you
You suddenly become a Suns fan because @the_real-shaq gave you a follow…even though you are a die hard Lakers Fan
You have so many followers you have categorized your community into 30 columns on tweetdeck and when new followers add you, you break out into a cold sweat as to what column to put them in
When your spouse joins Twitter he or she has to explain their case as to why you should intro them by way of a “please follow” to your followers
You spring awake in the middle of the night with a great new Twitter word to share with the “Tworld”
Instead of checking email at 3am when you can’t sleep, you are frantically checking your @replies in case someone gave you a re-tweet or sent you an “@” reply
Although you have never met 90% of your followers you are more touched they sent you an e-card for the holidays than an immediate family member
Your emails are starting to creep down to only 140 characters…OR LESS
You custom built a tool off of Twitters API to notify you the second your boss starts following you on Twitter so you can instantly block him or her
You get seriously mad and take offense when someone unfollows you…you have a new enemy.
You get excited when @Garyvee follows you and when @ChrisBrogan replies to your reply. (williamsdesignsOpens in a new tab.)

actually I think this list could be huge-er. What say you?

PS How do I tweet this, if Twitter is down ??? 🙁 🙁  :p

Laurel Papworth

Named by Forbes™ Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, named Head of Industry, Social Media (Marketing Magazine™) and in the Power150 Media bloggers (AdAge™). CERT IV Training and Assessment certified trainer (Diplomas and Certificates etc) Adult Education. Laurel has manager Facebook Pages for Junior Masterchef, Idol, Big Brother etc. and have consulted on private online communities for banks Westpac, not for profits UNHCR & governments in SE Asia. Lecturer, social media, University of Sydney for 10 years and Laurel has 11,000 online students. Laurel Papworth personally connects to 6 million followers online and has taught around 100,000 people in the last 10 years how to be social media managers.

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