Huffington Post Sells for $315m Social Media Revenue

I often write on social media revenue – how social media sites like blogs and forums and social networks monetize. One way is pretty simple – sell it! The Huffington Post just sold for $315m to AOL (America Online). How do you think AOL will make their money back from this blog?

A year ago – Jan 2010 – I wrote about a valuation for Huffington Post and TechCrunch:

Huffington Post and TechCrunch both have high valuations ($100m+). Yes, Virginia, social media and blogs CAN make money. Will 2010 see the further rise of social media proprietors?

The comments were not always agreeing with these valuations – much too high, they cried!

Well, the Huff as we like to call it, sold a couple of weeks ago for $315m to AOL.

Huffington Post sold to AOL for $315m

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington sells her site to AOL for $315m in deal branded ‘1+1 = 11’

Arianna HuffingtonHuffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington is to sell the website to AOL for $315m and newly created role as AOL’s editor in chief. Photograph: Louis Lanzano/APThe Huffington Post, the ground-breaking online news and opinion site founded by Arianna Huffington on a shoestring budget, is to be bought for $315m by AOL in a move sure to stun new media sceptics and believers alike.

(The Guardian)

I just report the facts. Comment away!

Laurel Papworth

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  2. Has AOL settled/concluded the lawsuit brought against it by it’s Community Leaders? It’s interesting (if that’s the right word) that both AOL and Huff Post built their social capital on stuff that was given freely by their communities.

    1. yeah I saw that.
      Similar kerfuffle when YouTube sold to Google, any user generated content site has the same issue. I doubt the Community Leaders will win. Some recompense would go a long way towards good will but if they weren’t getting a share of ad revenue they won’t be getting a share of sale, no?

      Incidentally, I remember AOL having issues with community leaders in the ’90’s on their forums. We give for free until we realise someone else is making a fortune from it. Users will wise up and rise up sooner or later. I suspect “later”. 😛

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