HR and Big Data – How LinkedIn Uses Data Research. Microsoft said they bought LinkedIn for the data – such an interesting video on how LinkedIn intends to use the information we provide.

Dear students (and workshop participants!) the LinkedIn Economic Graph is the equivalent of Facebook’s Social Graph and aims for these six pillars: 

  1. Data/profile on every member of the global workforce (3 billion)
  2. Data/profile for every company (60 million SME and up)
  3. A profile for every job (20 million online)
  4. Data/profile for every skill required and coursework to acquire those jobs
  5. Digital representation (data/profile) for every Higher Education and vocational training facility in the world that provides training in those skills.
  6. A publishing platform for the above (individual, company, and education facility) to share.

Together: Leveraging intellectual capital, working capital, human capital to for example:

  • look at a region anywhere in the world and it’s fastest growing jobs
  • look at the skills for those jobs
  • understand the job market in that region
  • measure the gap in the skills and job market vs the fastest growing job requirements
  • advise Gov and companies, educational facilities on just-in-time training for the growing need.

Basically LinkedIn will map out every part of the vertical for HR and recruitment, training, globally and use data research artificial intelligence to do predictive analysis.

What do you think? Good, bad? Can we opt out? Too late?

My LinkedIn course. And student notes: LinkedIn recently turned off RSS for social media monitoring so use FetchRSS to bring LinkedIn news into your journalism/monitoring dashboard.