HR 2.0 and Recruitment 2.0: The new corner office

HR 2.0 and Recruitment 2.0: The new corner office e.g. my balcony, office rental market, recruitment industry moves and what not.

My balconey:Doncha wish you had a corner-office-with-a-view like me? Doncha? Doncha?
Yep that song is still stuck in my brain. So I thought I’d share the grief around šŸ™‚

Blogging sometimes means I keep harping on a point. I prefer to think of it as “developing an argument”. Whateveh. Background on this post anyway.

If the rentacoder becomes the norm for managing a portfolio of jobs – rentasecretary, rentafinancialaccountsdude, rentadesigner – and Gen Y all work from home or hot desk at a boutique office, what does that do to the office rental market? I heard a builder/developer of offices say the other day it was impacting the sector mightily. Empty offices, lots of small entrepreneurs working from mum’s kitchen table. Or something, I guess. By the way, John Allsop: did you get the hot desk for 2.0 savants going? Now you are back from holidays?

I also heard that the big recruitment companies are buying little recruitment companies simply to show a growth in placements. The reasoning is this: if people are using search 1.0 (seek.com.au) less, and search 2.0 more (facebook “i need a job” social search), how do the big boys in town show that their company has gotten bigger? They buy the little companies, add their database of prospective candidates and jobs on offer, and yay! something to show at annual report time. You go and talk to recruiters about the lack of job candidates and the moves in the market – and ask them what they will do when there is only a few big fish and no little ones left. Ugh. I had a fishtank once and I think I know.

Me? I’m just glad I worked out what that littlebitty hole in the middle of my high picnic table was for.

Umbrella-ella-ella rubbish! Who would sit at a picnic table, under an umbrella, when it was raining anyway? *

*If you rooly trooly believe I am that blonde… “PUT the mouse DOWN, RAISE your hands in AIR and back AWAY from the monitor NOW!” sheesh.

Disclaimer: your bottom will hurt, sitting on picnic chairs all day. Watch for that.

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