1. No dancing – nekkid or otherwise… Laurel, Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article – as I enjoy most of the articles you put up via links on Fb, Twitter and G+. I say most, because I miss a few. I realised why the vitriol was so thick today from certain people in the social media streams – Today is Thursday… It is going to be a hard slog, getting equality for all, but this is a first step in a series of first steps. Social media will, of course, be there for every comment and opinion and that is what makes this method of communication so interesting.

    Today, I started the day reading about how it was “all the current government’s fault” that holden is closing down its factories. I ended the day reading about how it was “all the current government’s fault that marriage equality wasn’t honored in the high court.” Nobody has said “if Gillard or Rudd had changed the law and supported marriage equality, this sad day wouldn’t have been an issue”, or “if someone like dick smith, or one of the plethora of other millionaires australia has decided to set up a home grown car brand, holden could have gone and we would have a viable alternative”.

    Imagine being married over the weekend and then be told that you are no longer because the government doesn’t recognise your union. How unfair is that? Both parties need to take a long, hard look at what they are doing. Does gay marriage effect me? no. will I have emotional damage because a couple of people want to be recognised by law as being together? good luck to them. It matters not a jot to me. If it allows them to make decisions with respect to health issues, legal matters and other issues, let them have the ability to be married.

    1. Thanks Peter. And yes the rebuttal wasnt expected & its an across Gov thing. But I try to be about solutions, not blame so I guess no matter which party is in, they had better buckle up cos activism is about to go to a whole ‘nother level. 🙂

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