How to create a resistance movement using social media and the steps to do so. This framework came from one I developed for social media campaigns for companies (workshops) but hey! it works for grassroots activism too!  Social Media puts the media in YOUR hands now. The power is great but so is the responsibility. That doesn’t mean don’t use the power, just use it wisely.

Which Step is for You? 

There’s a bunch of manifestos doing the rounds so I thought I’d add mine into the pot. I wrote a post just over 3 years ago detailing how to be civilly disobedient both online and off. And have been documenting Resistance for years so  I thought it was worth revisiting the concepts. Now seems like a good time. Dunno why 😉

Plus the infographic was prettier. 

Additional steps/further information to get out of the “vote every 3 or 4 years: set and forget” loop:

  • Find your communities, (more than one, subtribes)
  • Find your supporters & key influencers, (they will make bigger ripples with their trusted network reputation)
  • Connect with heritage media and others (use them, they are there)
  • Curate infographics and projects by others (sharing is caring)
  • Stick to a conversation diary with rituals and rites of passage in them like International Womens Day (context, relevance)
  • encourage signing of petitions and sending emails to gov (nuisance value, numbers game)
  • prepare for a social good, class action against the gov with awareness raising and crowdsourced legal bills.
  • Call to Action to activate their networks (tell their friends)

Any others?  If we have to have representational democracy not participatory democracy let’s at least make sure our voices are heard (and paid attention to) on important issues.