I’m teaching a one day (Saturday) How To Blog course at the University of Sydney, Australia (general link) Centre for Continuing Education next Saturday, 24th November. It will be the first time I’ve taught this particular course, so goodness only knows what kind of a schmozzle it will end up. But if you are game, or want to escape the kids/housework/washing the car for a few hours, you can download a .pdf (don’t roll your eyes!) or register here. We have enough people for the course to go ahead (yay! new course!) but still room for you lot to fit in. It is a basic course so feel free to send the parents/boss instead. 🙂

Been thinking about creating a blog for your business or hobby? If you are a budding writer, have a passion for your hobby, are travelling soon and want to keep a travel photo diary online or simply have something to say, this course will teach you the basics of blogging, how to gain a readership.
Learn about types of blogs – corporate, personal, hobby, creative
Understand the difference between hosted and installed blog software
Be able to create a new blog
Practice creating posts
Learn how to moderate comments and feedback
Work with categories, taxonomy, tagging, folksonomy
What to include and not include in a Profile
Plugins and gadgets that can be used to enhance your blog
Learn how to add video and fotos
Understand basic techniques to increase readership and search engine optimisation
Session 1. So you want to blog?
A brief look at the history of blogging, types of blogs and look at some famous blogs. Activity: We go to a blog and post a comment.
Session 2. The Blogosphere
We discuss blogging software and sites. Activity: we create an account.,
Session 3. Who am I?
What to reveal and what not to reveal. Activity: Create a Profile on your blog.
Session 4. What to say?
We write a paragraph and look at colours, linking and other options. Activity: Create a post and post it up.
Session 5. Do you see what I see?
Adding pictures videos and other media to your blog. Activity: Add the picture to your blog.
Session 6. Oh shush!
Moderating comments and feedback. Establishing guidelines and behaviour with your readers. Activity. Setting up moderation options.
Session 7. Tips and Hints
Tips on how to keep motivated, gain readers, gain publicity for your blog.
General Forum

I haven’t finished the courseware yet. Oh ok, I admit it, I have barely even started it. So don’t ring, email, write comments, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Skype, MSN me. I’m serious – you know how easily I am distracted.

Will do another blog post when this stuff is out of the way.

P.S. My absolute favourite way to spend a Saturday, teaching ppl how to communicate on the Web. 🙂

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