Crucial paradigm “sacks” a client over a Twitter comment. Justified?

Sometimes you get frustrated and really let loose. Sometimes you just say WTF and walk away. Sometimes you do it on Twitter. It’s not just staff that get told off when they have a moan on Twitter – have a look at this exchange:

Crucial Paradigm

Now if this was on one of my forums I’d tell ’em to sort it out but it’s not really a personal attack. Actually not at all. He’s attacking the lack of service, not a person. Expressing clearly his frustration. Not in a particularly polite way but still, our feelings are valid as long as we aren’t attacking a human being.  There’s even a sense of self-reproach referring to lack of control.

Crucial Paradigm completely over reacted:

crucialparadigm2Overreaction much?

I think you’d have to be really really clear that you are justified in sacking a customer for a Twitter comment before you asked them to move on. Otherwise someone else, who thinks the whole thing is a mite unfair might blog about it. Like me.

EDIT: Overnight (I posted at around 11pm I think) this is the reach. Not the most velocity I’ve seen, but not bad considering most my followers are Australian and asleep 😛