How Many Australians are on Instagram?

Statistics of Instagram users in Australia: Instagram is growing fast in Australia, but at risk from TikTok. There are 9,700,000 Australians on Instagram and 4,100,000 are men, 520,000 are women over 55!

Social Media Statistics for Instagram Australia 2020:

“Should my business be on Instagram?” is pretty quickly followed by “How many Instagram users are in Australia?” – luckily Facebook/Instagram/Messenger builtin Ads give us Monthly Active Users (MAU) for each platform. Let’s have a look at the monthly active users for Instagram in Australia:

Australian Instagram Users9,700,000
Australians Over 18 on Instagram9,100,000
Women on Instagram in Australia5,400,000
Men on Instagram in Australia4,100,000
Women Over 55 on Instagram520,000
Men Over 55 on Instagram (Australia)250,000
25-35yo Australian Women on Instagram1,800,000
25-35yo Australian Men on Instagram1,500,000
35-45yo Australian Women on Instagram1,100,00
35-45yo Australian Men on Instagram740,000
45-55 yo Women on Instagram (Australia710,000
45-55 yo Men on Instagram (Australia) 380,000


Facebook/Instagram has identified that a percentage of the population are “reader” storytypes and prefer text. They tend not to be drawn to Instagram as it is an image-based medium. The rest of the population are ‘visual” story types. They prefer video and images to text articles. Provide articles and text to Readers audiences for example Academic researchers, law, financial services, engineers and Instagram campaigns to the majority audience which are visual. 

Methodology & Notes

These figures are provided by Facebook They are not from a survey but based on the global database. Facebook is audited Media Ratings Council. I also noticed that I doubled up on some ages e.g. 25-35 and 35-45 double includes 35 year olds. I’ll fix that on the next update. If you wish to perform your own investigation I recommend you go to Business Manager Ads and change the datasets for MAU and uncheck everything except Instagram.  

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