1. I’m with you on loathing them. They’re at the top of mine and hubby’s hit list! As soon as our fixed loan is up we are OUTTA THERE!

  2. Determined to be different, aren’t they??!!!

    I was once a frustrated Commonwealth Bank customer but have since then moved to Citibank and never looked back!

    Their online facilities and customer service are excellent and you don’t get stung with monthly or ATM fees…

    It’s worth a try!

  3. Aside from this one time when I tested for you I have never had an issue with them.

  4. We got rid of them a few years ago when they started to charge for internet banking and went with the ANZ. Other than a few minor quirks, it was pretty much the same thing but cheaper for our particular situation. They are just as quick to ding you with naughty fees.

    Ironically my wife got a Bank West Visa and transferred a balance to it. Guess who bought Bank West? Which Wank(er)?

  5. Does ING Direct operate in Australia? It’s reliable. Savings, checking, debit cards, insured–all that stuff.

  6. @Colin Campbell
    – hey the ACCC and Treasurer each have the power to stop the CBA purchase of BankWest going through- and they should. While they are of course a bank, BW were offering innovative products in an attempt to capture market share. Write to Swan [wayne.swan@treasury.gov.au] and the ACCC.

  7. With St George and they have the good manners of telling you when their service will be down for upgrade (normally late at night on weekends, and they give you a few weeks notice). They don’t though have the digital piggy bank stuff which dounds like fun!
    The ING direct site here in Aus is crap – basic and doesn’t work properly with all browsers…so have to switch to IE or use phone banking to transfer cash

  8. NAB informed me the other day that I could expect temporary issues with online banking every night between about 10pm and 6am. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I regularly have to log out and back in *between transactions*. I’m battling with their automated reponse line trying to get it through to them that they have a significant bug in their banking system. Grr!

  9. Plenty of choice in the Australian market. Check http://www.cannex.com.au

    From 1Nov08 all financial institutions – incl CBA – have obligations with regards to helping you switch. Refer:


    Lots of stuff on the web as people compare net banking offerings (http://is.gd/5ZJk) including Whirlpool (http://is.gd/5ZC3).

    If you’re not happy with your bank you should complain to them. If you’re not happy with the response and/or things don’t change…. then you should (change). It’s your ultimate voice as a consumer.


  10. I’m with Commonwealth, transfer money daily between all sorts of accounts and have only had a problem once. What a bunch of whingers these people on here are. Either that or just lies. There are no fees and they pay only slightly lower interest than term deposits although they pay more interest than term deposits morons take who walk into a bank. You can transfer money instantly to any account.

    The only fees that are annoying but are part of all the big banks are the non CBA $2 atm fees. They tried to bring that in in the UK but they whinged their way out of it God love em.

    If you want no fees go for AMP credit union or keep quiet.

  11. Either that or just lies.
    *midly* where do you think I got that screenshot from, Mr/s Anonymous-who-works-for-Commbank?

  12. Well people its now 2009 and just before the start of a new tax year on June 29 I see the Netbank system crashed again. So interested in your comments on this new great banking fiasco brought to you by your friendly local national bank…..

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